5 Must Have Home Workout Tools

With a range of reasons making it hard to hit the gym each day, more and more people are turning to home exercise equipment to ensure they keep in shape. Whether you live too far away, your exercise hours don’t match the gyms, or you just can’t afford the costly membership, there are many valid excuses to focus on your fitness at home.

Working out at home is the best way to create a fitness schedule that works for you. According to Women’s Health Magazine, people with access to home gym equipment are 73% more likely to get fit than those without. So what better reason to equip yourself with these simple and cost effective home workout tools?

Resistance Bands

These revolutionary tools are ideal for strengthening and building muscle, and they couldn’t be easier to use. With a whole range of exercises available with just one set of bands, they’re a versatile way to target more groups of muscles than ever before. These bands provide resistance against your body’s movements, just like weights, but without the bulky equipment.

Exercising with Resistance Band

With the average set costing around $30, there’s no excuse not to add these to your home fitness schedule. They’re safe to use and perfect for people looking for a low impact but effective training plus they make for an entertaining workout.


The ideal way to get strength, cardio, and flexibility training all in one, the kettlebell is one of the most popular workout tools for home gyms. These amazing devices originated in Russia and have become a staple in many people’s workout schedules. They’re fun to use and can be incorporated to target any muscle you want.

Exercising with Kettleball

Kettlebells come in different sizes depending on how much weight you want to lift, and average $30 – $60 for a quality one. They can be purchased in a set so that you’re able to move up through the weight groups, giving yourself a challenging workout each time.

Skipping Rope

One of the top choices for cardio, and one of the cheapest home workout tools available, the skipping rope is a simple way to get your heart rate up. They’re ideal for small spaces so you don’t need a lot of room to use them, and they’re a fun alternative to running.

Exercising with Skipping Rope

For a quality skipping rope, you shouldn’t need to spend more than $20, however, there are more technical models available for those who want them. Skipping is the perfect way to perform cardio in intervals, and a great warm up tool for strength training too.

Floor Mat

While technically not a piece of fitness equipment itself, having a floor mat is essential for performing a range of different exercises safely and comfortably. Particularly for those who like to perform workout DVDs at home, a floor mat is almost always required.

These soft foam mats generally cost less than $20, and they’re a great base for cardio, strength, yoga, Pilates, and a whole range of exercises. They help to protect your back and front from tough surfaces and make it easier to center yourself in particular workouts.

Stability Ball

A useful tool for both exercise and stretching, the stability ball should have a place in every home gym.  These balls are great to incorporate into everyday exercises if you’re looking to add a challenge or make things a little less harsh on your joints.

Exercising with Stability Ball

Once you’ve completed your workout, performing stretches with your stability ball helps to achieve a greater range of motion, and you can even use them throughout the day for a great way to improve posture and promote back health. Depending on the diameter, a good quality stability ball should cost no more than $40 to purchase.

Using Your Equipment Right

Working out at home does come with its downfalls, particularly if you’re a novice at exercise. Working out incorrectly can do damage to your body and in many cases won’t burn the desired calories.

Ensure you’ve done your research on the correct form to apply with each of these workout tools, or speak with a dedicated personal trainer for a simple lesson on how to utilize them best. With a little bit of knowledge beforehand, you’re ensuring a more effective workout when you go it alone at home.