7 Best Home Workout Videos with Only Resistance Bands

The use of resistance bands during training has become quite popular lately because of the numerous benefits these bring to the table. Resistance bands are much more cost-effective than other types of gym equipment, they provide adjustable resistance that’s based on fitness level, they can make familiar exercises more challenging and they deliver a thorough, whole-body workout.

If you’ve never worked with a resistance band before, you may face some difficulties in terms of getting started. The following workouts videos focus on this simple and effective piece of equipment, giving you a very good idea about how exactly resistance bands should be used.

SparkPeople 20-Minute Resistance Band Workout

This one is great because the SparkPeople routine lasts just 20 minutes. This is a strength and flexibility training that works on all of the major muscle groups. The routine is suitable for both beginners and individuals having some resistance band workout experience.

20-Minute Resistance Band Workout

Because the routine is low-impact, it’s suitable for individuals that have trauma or that are recovering from sport-related injuries. Do a good warm up before getting started!

Men’s Fitness Full Body Resistance Band Workout

The Men’s Fitness resistance band workout is another excellent pick. It consists of six exercises that have to be completed in three rounds with 30 seconds of rest between each of the rounds.

Resistance Band Workout for Men

The exercises included in this routine are band thrusters, bentover rows, resisted pushups, reverse flye, monster walk and split squat. The workout involves all of the major muscle groups and it’s easy on the joints. Suitable for both beginners and intermediate exercisers, the routine is classified as a strength training opportunity.

Lacey Stone’s 10 Minute Resistance Band Workout

Lacey Stone is a celebrity personal trainer and she’s put together a 10 minute resistance band workout that’s available for free. This workout classifies as a cardio routine that will enable you to burn fat quickly and efficiently.

10 Minute Resistance Band Workout

The routine works the whole body but since it’s a cardio workout, it comes with a slightly bigger impact than the previous entries in the list.

Sculpt Sexy Arms Resistance Band Workout

As the name suggests, this workout video developed by Brynn Jinnett focuses on one problem area. Though the use of the resistance band will involve mainly the muscles in the arms, the workout is also great for upper body and core strengthening.

Resistance Band Workout for Sexy Arms

This is a brief exercise and form is crucial for getting results. The knees should remain slightly bent at all times and you should focus on keeping your spine in the neutral position.

7 Easy Resistance Band Moves

The 7 Easy Resistance Band Moves is a great video for people who are just getting started with a resistance band and the ones that are currently out of shape. The plan is easy and it focuses on strength training to shape up the muscles and increase your flexibility.

7 Easy Resistance Band Moves

This workout is developed by certified personal trainer Jaclyn Emerick and as the name suggests, it focuses on seven basic moves. These engage all of the major muscle groups and you need only a resistance band to perform the exercises.

20-Minute Resistance Band Workout

Here’s another 20 minute workout video that will strengthen your body head to toe. The routine consists of four combination moves that have to be performed in a sequence for a period of 20 minutes. Do all of the moves back to back and without taking a break. When you’re done with the entire sequence, take a short break and repeat from the start.

20 - Minute Resistance Band Workout

The exercises are basic and form is once again crucial. Because the routine is really simple, it’s suitable for beginners. The workout is also effective enough to engage people that are in a good physical shape and the ones that have prior experience with resistance bands.

Home Upper Body and Chest Workout Routine

The final resistance band workout suggestion is great for the guys who want to work on the chest, arm and upper body muscles. Some of the exercises will involve the lower back and the ab muscles.

Home Upper Body and Chest Workout Routine

The best aspect of this video is that it features modifications that enable you to make the workout easier or more difficult, depending on your current fitness level and individual goals.

Getting the Best Resistance Band

All of these great videos have one thing in common – they require the use of a high quality resistance band. It’s a good idea to buy a set like the Flex Active Sports set of five. Having multiple resistance bands will enable you to modify the difficulty level and keep on making progress with the same exercises.