Can You Kick the Ball in Volleyball?

There’s a short answer and a long one. The long one isn’t as obvious because of several reasons. So, can you kick the ball in volleyball? It actually depends on which league you play in.

For instance, USAV Rule 9.2 says you can contact the ball with any part of your body. It’s legal to kick the ball, even intentionally. Some U.S. high schools and junior high schools, tho, prohibit utilizing any part of your body below the waist to kick the ball in volleyball. So, what’s the final answer?

For much of the rest of the world, kicking the ball is legal but not recommendable. That being said, let’s explain why doing this isn’t beneficial for your game and learn more details.

Are You Allowed to Kick the Ball in Volleyball?

You can play this game with any part of your body.


The play has to be a single attempt at the ball, however, can be contacted by more than a single part of your body. If, for instance, a ball is hit into a person’s foot and it bounces up and off their arm as long as it is a single attempt at the ball, it’s a completely legal hit.

It is also important that you do not touch the net with either foot when attempting to pass or spike a ball with either leg. This is called a foot fault and if you commit one, then your team loses possession of the ball and it goes over to their opponents for a point.

If you want to become a professional volleyball player and up your game a notch, it’s suggested to learn to drop to the floor or dive for a ball rather than kick at a ball.

As I already stated, some learning situations or leagues can set rules against kicking a ball. And this is to prevent small injuries either by the ball after it’s kicked or by kicking another player that’s trying to play the ball the right way.

The worst part? Most coaches despise it!

The official game rules claim that any contact is completely legal unless it’s a double on the 2nd or 3rd hit, or an expanded contact of any hit. But the main reason why coaches despise it is that it’s one of the most common mistakes made by beginner players and can lead to opponents scoring points.

Not just that, but balls aren’t cheap! Kicking could do some damage and create unnecessary expenses.

Therefore, volleyballs aren’t designed for kicking!

Is Serving with Your Foot Allowed?

The internet is flooded with inaccurate information associated with volleyball which explains why some individuals still can’t tell if serving with your foot is allowed.

If it’s technically allowed to kick with it, why not serve with it?

It’d be ideal or so you’d think, however, in FIVB rules it’s prohibited. The FIVB states that the ball should be hit with a single hand or any part of the arm after being or tossed by the hand(s).

So, according to the official rules, serving can be done with arms only.

And frankly, serving with a foot would be pointless. If you’re a serious volleyball player, you likely know that serving is all about making your competitors’ game harder.

Meaning, if you serve with your arm, the hit is often powerful, pointed, and you stop surprises when it reaches the trajectory. Serving with a foot can be also powerful but the possibility of placing a good ball in the court is super slow, so it’s better to follow the rules.

What is an Illegal Kick in Volleyball?

According to the indoor volleyball rules, Illegal kicks in volleyball include slapping the ball, bumping the ball with separated hands, carrying the ball, directing the ball, and palming the ball.

For a kick to be legal, the ball should leave players’ hands immediately upon contact with the ball.

Kicking the Ball Can Serve as a Good Warm-Up Drill!

You’d be surprised. It’s a great mental shift and allows players to really warm into their game of volleyball.

Kicking the ball as a practice drill isn’t actually necessary. However, it can serve as a great warm-up drill. Research shows that pro volleyball players like to warm up for volleyball with a game of soccer.

Meaning, they see kicking the ball as a good warm-up. The only thing you need to be careful about if you follow in their footsteps is to try not to roll your ankle and cause injuries that will ruin your game.


Apparently, warming up with a different game than volleyball is a much-needed mental change.

When you begin to play volleyball regularly, meaning when you’re practicing a few times per week, it’s a very natural and common thing to start feeling slightly tired of the game and a little burned-out.

So switching things up makes a big difference. Also, stimulating the motor cortex which is the part of the brain responsible for movement and controlling your body is recommended and very important.

Fun warm-ups are a common trend in top teams today, so don’t be afraid to switch things up!

Final Words

So, can you kick the ball in volleyball? Absolutely!

It’s perfectly fine to kick the ball in volleyball. In fact, you can play with any part of your body. So, as long as you contact the ball once, you can use a leg, arm, foot, or head.

However, keep in mind that although it’s legal to kick the ball, controlling it with your hands is easier than utilizing your feet. But here’s the kicker. You can hit more powerfully with your hands!

Think about the part of the setter. Their part is to make the perfect set. And to do that, they need to put the ball in 1-feet by 1-feet space. Meaning, if you can perform this with a kick, kudos to you!

Of course, you aren’t really trying to utilize your feet in the settler position or reception. However, each time you practice utilizing your feet when the ball gets below waist height, you lose a chance.

And that’s a chance for you to get comfortable controlling the ball with your hands and win!