Can You Use Basketball Shoes for Volleyball?

There are several specifications when it comes to the kinds of shoes that are required for both basketball and volleyball. In many cases, these specifications can be similar, allowing you to use basketball shoes for volleyball as well.

However, there are several differences as well between the shoes and their requirements for the two sports. So, can you use basketball shoes for volleyball or not?

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of doing so as well as what volleyball players specifically required for the game.

Can You Use Basketball Shoes for Volleyball?

You can use basketball shoes for volleyball since the two sports have several similar requirements such as jumping, sliding, speed, grip, and more. In this case, the designs for the shoes of both sports are quite similar and can be interchangeable to a certain extent.

However, it is important to make sure you look through all the specifications of the shoes so that you do not face any issues later on. As far as possible, it can work better for you if you buy volleyball shoes as they can last you longer as well.

Temporarily, however, basketball shoes can serve the purpose well.


There are several advantages of using basketball shoes for volleyball. You can go through some of these advantages below.

  • Basketball shoes generally have plenty of cushioning that can affect your ability to jump. Having this kind of cushioning can allow you to smoothly make your jump without exerting more force than necessary. Since volleyball involves plenty of jumping, these shoes can help out with that during a game.
  • Basketball shoes can provide plenty of grip on the ground or court. This can prevent you from slipping too much during the game so that you can quickly and safely make your jump.
  • Since these shoes offer strength, cushioning and support, they can allow you to alight back on the court safely and in a stable way after making a jump. This can also help you maintain quick reflexes during the game.
  • Both basketball and volleyball are sports that require quick thinking and action to make a certain kind of play or receive. This also includes being able to quickly shift your movements in the game.

    Basketball shoes can offer this kind of speed and sturdiness, especially since basketball involves a lot more running around as well.


There are certain disadvantages to using basketball shoes for volleyball as well that we can elaborate on here.

  • Since volleyball tends to involve more jumping throughout the game, the soles of the shoes also need to be able to withstand this.

    For basketball shoes, the weight is usually concentrated around the midsole whereas volleyball needs more strength at the front. This can cause parts of the shoes to wear down quickly if used in volleyball.
  • Basketball shoes tend to be a lot heftier and bulkier as compared to regular volleyball shoes. This is to support running and moving. For volleyball, however, there needs to be more flexibility and lightness.

Requirements for Volleyball

Can You Use Basketball Shoes for Volleyball?

It is important to look into the specific requirements that are required for volleyball shoes. If basketball shoes can meet these requirements, then you can certainly use them for playing volleyball as well.

Comfort and Breathability

Since you will also be wearing socks with your shoes, you will need shoes that are comfortable and breathable so that too much sweat does not collect while playing. This could otherwise create issues with your movement on the court.

It can also lead to mold, bacteria and unpleasant smells developing in the shoes which could reduce the lifespan of the shoes.

Having breathable shoes can improve the level of air circulation, giving some relief to your feet.

Shock Absorption

Volleyball needs you to keep jumping, bending, running and shifting positions throughout the game. For this reason, your shoes should be able to manage these movements well by absorbing the shock from the sudden movements so that you can continue to play the game smoothly.

If your shoes do not have good shock absorption features, then your feet and legs might have to bear the weight of the movements.


Volleyball requires plenty of flexibility throughout the game since your legs will keep moving around from one place to another while also suddenly changing directions. You will need to keep twisting your feet for this, which is why your shoes should also give you enough independence of movement while still providing protection.

Moreover, you will need to keep jumping on the court along with bending down and landing back on the ground. This requires enough support from your shoes to match these movements without letting you feel all the weight.

Overall, providing flexibility can be a good way for you to prevent too many injuries on the court as well.


The shoes that you wear for volleyball should have a strong grip on them so that they can give you safety while jumping and landing on the court. This grip will also prevent you from slipping on the court at any point.

To check the grip or traction, you should check the kinds of spikes present on the shoes as well as the material that they are made from. As long as they provide you with enough support to make your desired movements, you will be okay with the shoes you wear on the court.

Concluding Remarks

It is clear that both basketball and volleyball have several specifications that are similar, allowing you to use basketball shoes for volleyball. In fact, these shoes will give you the desired speed, grip, cushioning, safety and protection on the court.

On the other hand, some basketball shoes can also be restrictive due to the difference in the concentration of the weight in the shoes. They might also not be as light and flexible as volleyball shoes.

Despite these limitations, you can use basketball shoes for volleyball to get you through a few games. Make sure you check the specifications in detail before you make a choice.