Do Basketball Players Shave Their Legs?

Have you ever wondered, do basketball players shave their legs?

Well, most basketball players shave their whole body due to many reasons. Although some NBA players promote full-grown beads, they certainly don’t enjoy bushy legs and armpits!

The first and obvious reason why they shave their legs and armpits is hygiene. As you probably assume, this sport comes with a lot of sweat. Therefore, basketball players sweat while playing.

And body hair can trap the bacteria and sweat in it, causing bad odor and other issues. In today’s article, I will answer all your questions associated with basketball players and shaving.

Without further ado, let’s learn more about shaving in basketball.

Do Athletes Shave Their Legs?

Athletes usually shave their legs due to multiple reasons such as reducing the effect of drag, speeding up the healing of wounds, enhancing muscle definition, and aesthetics.

Shaving isn’t only common among athletes, but also bodybuilders. As you have likely noticed, they have also been shaving their legs, arms, armpits, chest, and back for literally years.

Football players also have their legs due to tape removal. Having smooth legs makes this less painful. It’s also good for massages. Shaving also makes therapeutic massages a lot easier.

Other reasons why athletes remove body hair include smell, dirt, and sweat. It’s easier to remove sweat and dirt without body hair. You can also easily apply creams without body hair.

However, despite speculations, shaving doesn’t make athletes run faster! The overall body position and posture will provide greater speed rather than shaving your whole body.

Do Basketball Players Shave Their Legs?

Yes, most basketball players shave their legs and other parts of their bodies because of hygienic reasons. Like many other sports, basketball makes players sweat a lot while playing.

And as you probably know, body hair can lock bacteria and sweat in it, resulting in a bad odor and other problems. Therefore, shaving plays a key part in every athletes’ life and career.

Shaving also stops chafing. And there’s no reason why you should play any game feeling uncomfortable. And if you have hair, they can get caught on your clothes during the game.

Do Shaven Legs Have Any Aerodynamic Advantage?

Actually, yes! In 1987, a study was conducted by Chester Kyle to determine if smooth, shaved legs offer some aerodynamic advantage. It was done inside a mini wind tunnel on a prosthetic leg with some hair glued to it. Later, the study was published in Bicycling Magazine.

The outcome of the study confirmed that smooth legs help cyclists save about 5 seconds when riding at 37 mph. Although 5 seconds doesn’t seem as much, it’s still better than nothing.

And in competitive sports like cycling, 5 seconds can mean a lot! The findings of a recent study provide even better results. The Specialized Cycling company built a wind tunnel for cyclists and bicycles. Chris Yo and Mark Cote, both engineers at Specialized Cycling, did a test on a cyclist.

It was a real cyclist with shaved legs. The rest detected a 7% reduction in drag thanks to the smooth legs. This doesn’t apply to basketball players, but it’s still good to know.

Do Basketball Players Shave Their Arms?

Although I’m not a basketball player, I can easily see why they would choose to shave their arms, legs, or other parts of their body. Thinking that men shouldn’t shave their arms is outdated.

We live in a modern world where things like that aren’t perceived as feminine actions as they did back in the day. When you really think about it, it’s just hair and it’s your body, after all, so you can do whatever you want with it. As long as it doesn’t hurt anybody, why not? Shaving isn’t feminine!

Basketball players shave due to different reasons such as making their hands look bigger. It’s also better for when they tape their wrists. Some players also shave to expose their lovely tattoos.

Lots of men shave their arms! It’s not that big of a deal. And they do it for the same reasons most people shave other parts of their reasons such as reducing sweat and preventing bad smell.

Does Lebron James Shave?

Lebron James has never shared his shaving routine. However, you can easily confirm that he does shave from his social media posts. Unless, of course, he’s born hairless which I highly doubt.

Benefits Of Shaving Legs For Basketball Players

Shaving isn’t a code basketball players have to obey. It’s player dependent.

For instance, if some baseball players have tattoos, they’re more than likely to shave their legs to expose them. Meaning, they choose to shave their legs and arms for look and aesthetics.

However, shaving your legs also draws other benefits such as the following.

Displays leg muscles

Since basketball players exercise their legs without going to the gym, they have beautifully crafted legs that they want to expose. However, you can’t do that with hair, so shaving helps athletes and basketball players show off their leg muscles!

Exposes tattoos

As I already mentioned, some players with leg tattoos want to expose them by shaving. Why not display your beautiful leg tattoos if you’re proud of the artwork just because you’re a male and people question your intentions of shaving your body?

Good hygiene

Last but certainly not least, basketball players shave their legs to prevent bad odor. Good hygiene is very important in intense sports like basketball.

I’ve also noticed that hair makes your body smell worse. It’s also harder to apply skin-care products such as body lotion or oil if you have hairy legs.

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How To Shave Your Legs As A Basketball Player?

If you’re a basketball player, I would suggest that you shave your legs the day before a game. If possible, shave your legs at least 12 hours prior so that your hair has enough to grow back and soften up!

You can use a shaving gel or cream. First, wet your legs thoroughly with warm water. Then, add some of the shaving product in a circular motion, using gentle pressure on your knees and other tight spots.

I suggest that you rinse off any excess shaving product from the blade after each pass for safety reasons. Once done, rinse away the residue with cold water, if possible to decrease irritation and redness.

Finally, pat dry with a clean towel. Keep in mind that water will speed up the reappearance of hairs over the next couple of days, so you want to remove all the moisture. You can also apply body lotion.

Extra Tips

I personally consider shaving your legs and whole body, in general, a self-love ritual that makes me feel a lot better. It also makes my skin appear better and feel a lot healthier.

If you’re a basketball player, I would suggest that you embrace shaving and use plenty of shaving cream or gel and water so the razor can glide easily over your skin instead of causing cuts.

You can start by shaving down from the knee towards the ankle in a single smooth pass. Rinse off hair or shaving gel that gets in the way with warm water after each pass for safety reasons.

Always add a moisturizing body lotion after shaving, especially if it’s cold and dry outside. That way, you will keep your skin moisturized. Otherwise, you might experience irritation.

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How Long Does It Take To Shave Your Legs?

Shaving your legs doesn’t take long. You can do it in less than 15 minutes. Also, some people shave their legs daily whereas others only shave once or twice a week.

It’s a personal choice that’s possibly determined by factors such as skin sensitivity, amount of hair on the legs, and closeness of shaves, and of course, free time on hand.

Usually, shaving takes only minutes. However, if it’s your first time shaving your legs, take your time and be careful with the razor, especially if you can’t stand blood.


As we concluded so far, basketball players shave their legs, arms, armpits, and other parts of their body because of many reasons, many of which don’t concern the public.

Keeping bushes on your body parts isn’t the best choice for hygienic reasons. However, if you’re a fan of hair, do your thing! No one shouldn’t feel obligated to shave their hair.

And no one should judge other people if they choose to shave or not shave their body, whether they’re a male or female. Most basketball players do it to display their tattoos.

Shaving can also help massage and reveal muscles! Additionally, most people feel more attractive with shaved legs. Overall, it’s a very personal thing! What’s your opinion?