Six Proven Ways to Lose Belly Fat

You’re tired of that stubborn belly fat but you don’t know what to do about it. We’ve found six proven ways to lose belly fat for good! Join as we walk you through the simple solutions you’ve been searching for.

1. Never Stop Moving

Belly fat, also known as visceral fat, responds well to exercise – especially aerobic exercise. When you want to get rid of it quickly be sure you’re keeping your body moving as much as possible. Swimming, biking, and running – anything that will get your heart rate up – are great choices.

Exercise Biking

How much exercise do you really need to get? A study from Duke University tested to see what the sweet spot is. What they found was interesting: jogging about 12 miles per week yields the best results.

2. Stock up on Protein

Most people know that protein is important but not everyone understands how essential it is for fat burning. The truth is that as you age your body will produce more insulin. This is due to the fact that older muscles and fat cells don’t respond properly to it.

Stock up on Protein

Extra insulin turns into fat storage – and it’s often centered around the belly. High protein diets protect against insulin resistance. This doesn’t mean you have to eat pounds of meat a day. You can also add whey protein to smoothies, yogurt, and other snacks.

3. Get Your Fat in Polyunsaturated Form

Eating too much fat can be a problem for any attempt to reduce belly fat but in order to stay healthy you don’t want to follow a totally fat-free diet. Instead, focus on polyunsaturated fat like that found in nuts, fish, and seeds.

Studies have shown that people who eat more polyunsaturated fat, versus saturated fat, gain more muscle mass and gain less body fat.

4. Get Ready to Pucker

A Japanese study gave obese folks one – two tablespoons of vinegar per day for eight weeks. At the end of their study, their body fat had significantly decreased – especially their belly fat. The reason isn’t 100% understood but scientists posit that the acetic acid in vinegar produces fat-burning proteins.

5. Reduce Your Stress Levels

Relaxing lowers stress hormones, called cortisol, which are linked to belly fat. Great results have been seen with regular yoga practice but any type of relaxation – even deep breathing – can have an impact on belly fat.

Reduce Stress

6. Get a Good Night’s Rest

People who average less than five hours of sleep per night are likely to have more belly fat than those who get the recommended eight hours per night. If you’re having trouble sleeping, consider boosting your exercise or reducing your caffeine intake.

Good Night Sleep

Are you tired of having belly fat? Do you wish there was a quick fix? While there’s no way to magically remove all your belly fat, these six proven ways to lose belly fat are a great way to get started. It’s as simple as getting enough sleep, exercising, and changing the way you eat.