What Is the Average Height of a High School Basketball Player?

You’d already know that professional basketball players are very tall and their average height is also a lot more than the average height of humans. According to the very recent stats, the average height of NBA players is more than 6 feet and 6 inches.

Being tall is one of the most commonly known advantages for basketball players. However, it’s not the only factor that contributes to a player’s success. One must possess the skillset which is necessary to play the game.

If you’re planning to join your high school basketball team, then continue reading this article till the very end. Here, we’ll discuss what is the average height of a high school basketball player? Along with some other facts.

The Average Height of a High School Basketball Player

The average height of male high school basketball players is about 6 feet with a standard deviation of about 3 to 4 inches. The height of a player also depends upon its playing position. For example, the shooting guards and point guards usually have low height as compared to the center and forward players.

Other than the position, the average height of basketball players also depends upon the division of their high school. For instance, a player in Division I high school that plays as a small forward or shooting guard might be a central player in division IV or V.

On the other hand, the average height of female high school basketball players is somewhere around 5.6 feet with a standard deviation of about 2 to 3 inches.

What is the average vertical jump height of a High School Basketball Player?

In America, the average jump height of a high school basketball player is around 9 to 10 feet. Again it varies from division to division of a high school. Interestingly, the basketball hoops throughout the world are also 10 feet off the ground.

The same is the case for high school basketball hoops and the reason why it’s like that is surprisingly very simple. James Naismith invented basketball way back in 1891. In Springfield, Massachusetts, at the YMCA gym, James used the peach basket as the very first hoop on the running track’s railing.

The height of that railing was 10 feet and that’s why today we have basketball hoops that are 10 feet off the ground.

Importance of Height in Basketball!

The more the height the closer you’ll be to the basketball hoop and the accuracy of your shot will improve automatically. You’ll also need to apply less force to release the ball. That’s why a basketball player needs to be tall.

What are the Height Requirements to Play Basketball in High School?

What Is the Average Height of a High School Basketball Player?

During the freshmen year of players in high school, they look much taller after coming back from the summer vacations. It usually happens because of the surge in growth. At this point, the talent and skills start to level out for many players because of their above-average height.

Keep in mind that having the height but lacking the skill will only take you so far. The same is also true if you lack the height and have the skill. You’ll need to have both in order to get scouted by coaches and high school teams.

If you’re average in height then you can be an elite point guard, a great three-point shooter, or even a lockdown defender. You’ll also need to show extraordinary performance and other characteristics that run the show to make coaches think that you’re worth recruiting.

Your IT factor must also be up to the mark which is defined as the level of potential, drive, talent, excitement, swagger, confidence, and hype. Otherwise, why would someone consider a player scoring just 20 points per game if there are better options available?

What are the Height Requirements to Play Basketball in College?

The average height of a basketball player in college is 6 feet 3 inches and in some divisions, it’s also 6 feet 5 inches. Playing basketball in a division 1 school is a serious business. You must show extraordinary performance and stand out in your AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) or state team.

You’ll also have the chance to participate in the most prestigious matches and tournaments across the country. At this level, height plays a very critical role as your team will depend upon the defense to win the game. Keeping a smaller player in a team as a guard can be a defensive liability and coaches keep this in mind.

That’s why having an average height at the college level is one of the most decisive factors while selecting the team. You’ll also need to have a set of skills that’s far better as compared to average basketball players if you aim to play division 1.

What are the Height Requirements to Play Basketball in Middle School?

If you’re in middle school then you’ll be surprised to know that at this stage your height won’t be considered a requirement. That’s because it’s a growing age and the main goal of playing basketball in middle school is to learn the basics and have fun.

It’s entirely possible for you to reach a height of more than 6 feet at this age which makes it harder for other players to guard. However, at this age, it’s also difficult for the taller players to move efficiently and quickly on the court which works as a trade-off.

The biggest challenge for the taller player at a very young age is to move around in court without falling. That’s why small players in middle school basketball teams tend to be more agile and outperform taller opponents.

But height slowly becomes a major contributing factor as players start to move up the ranks. That’s why in high school and college basketball teams, taller players are more efficient and perform better.

What are the Height Requirements to Play Basketball in the NBA?

Having height above average plays a huge role because playing like a basketball player in the NBA is a very big deal. You might not be able to see more than a handful of people with an average of 6 feet of height.

Players with average or taller heights have all characteristics as well as agility that smaller players could utilize in middle or even high school to gain an advantage and stand out from the competition.

But at this level, shorter players are unable to cover as much ground as taller ones do and hence they become the defensive liability. Therefore, taller players usually outperform the smaller ones easily not only on the offensive side but also on defense. That’s why the average height of NBA players is more than 6 feet and 6 inches.

What are the Height Requirements to Play Basketball in the WNBA?

The average height of a player in WNBA is 6 feet which is a lot more than the average height of women which is only 5 feet and 4 inches. The tallest WNBA player ever recorded is Malgorzata Dydek who is 7 feet and 2 inches tall. On the other hand, the shortest WNBA player ever recorded is Shannon Bobbitt who is only 5 feet and 2 inches tall.

Just like the NBA, the difference in the average height of a normal person and a WNBA player is very big. So, it’s clear that height is one of the biggest requirements that you need to meet if you want to play basketball.

Are There Any Other Requirements to Play Basketball?

If you can run, have strong arms, good height, and a little patience then all you need to do is to start playing the game. You can learn the basic rules of basketball within a matter of minutes. There are some complicated rules, such as travel call, Euro step, pivot foot, that you’ll understand with time.

But still, the most important part is to learn to play the game that takes time and the learning curve can also be steep. You’ll need to practice as much as you possibly can if you want to improve. Most importantly, you’ll need to repeat the same action, again and again, to master it like shooting the ball in the basket.

Bottom Line

Height, unfortunately, is something you have no control over. It depends upon your genetic code that determines how tall you’ll be in life. However, if your height is good then you’ll need to take care of your health as well.

Consider eating a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and remain active if you want to achieve your maximum development potential. Another important factor to bear in mind is to avoid the medicines and other edibles that claim to increase your height miraculously.

There’s no scientific study behind such claims and you can fall victim to some serious health problems by consuming such things. The NBA would have been the very first customer if there was such a pill or product with working results.