What Kind of Maintenance Does Your Electric Bike Need?

Regular electric bike maintenance is the key to get the best performance out of your riding machine. But the question is: what kind of maintenance does your electric bike need?

Prevention is better than cure. This age-old proverb holds true even today, and it becomes even more relevant when it is about taking care of your electric bike. Unlike an ordinary bicycle, the electric bike has some electrical components, which makes it a sophisticated piece of technology.

That’s why it is even more important to take good care of your electric bike so that it runs smoothly for years to come while contributing to environmental protection by reducing your carbon footprint.

Electric Bike Maintenance Is Not Rocket Science


An electric bike is a hybrid of a regular bicycle and motorized vehicle. Therefore, when you are conducting electric bike maintenance, you must consider both the mechanical and electrical elements.

However, the good news is that maintaining your e-bike is nothing like rocket science.

Maintaining your electric bike is much like maintaining a regular mechanical bicycle. The electrical components in the e-bike are seamlessly integrated into the design, which requires little to no maintenance at all under normal conditions.

You needn’t worry about the fuel tank, engine, clutch plates, or gearbox, and the costs associated with it. But that doesn’t waive you from your responsibility to take good care of your electric bike.

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

Performance is the key area in which electric bikes outsmart regular bicycles. You can go faster with your electric bike, and for a long time if you take good care of it!

Most of the work requires basic maintenance that you would do for a standard bicycle. A thorough check of its components and regular checkups will save you from both, costly repairs and risk of life.

Maintaining your bike regularly can save you from losing money down the line, and more importantly, it will keep you safe on the road.

Keep Your E-Bike Clean

A happy bike is a clean bike. Regular cleaning tops the to-do list when it comes to maintaining your bike so that it will keep running for longer than it’s warranted. The rule of thumb is to clean your electric bike after each ride. But it also depends on how and where you ride.

Make sure that the motor is free from dirt and debris. Even though most electric bikes are waterproof, be gentle with the water stream so as not to so you don’t damage any electrical components. 

After you’re done cleaning, dry it off with a towel and polish it. Your electric bike will look as good as new. However, keep the polish away from brakes and battery components.

Lubricate The Parts

The moving components of the electric bike should be prevented from wear and tear caused by friction. It is important to smooth out the resistance at the key points like chain, levers, derailleur, and brakes by using a decent lubricant. The bike must be thoroughly cleaned before applying lubrication.

Again, keep it away from battery contact points.

Keep The Tires In Shape

The tire is the key component in any means of commute, yet it is one of the most overlooked aspects of electric bike maintenance.

If you want to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride with your electric bike, you should always keep the tires inflated properly within the recommended pressure level. Running on under-inflated tires quickly drains the battery and shortens its life.

You can find the recommended pressure levels printed on the side of the tires.

Check The Brakes


An e-bike is heavier and faster than a regular bicycle. If the law of physics is true, electric bikes need better brakes than other bicycles. You might forget about the brakes when you want to know how fast your electric bike can go. But you have to stop somewhere and that’s where we need a good set of brake pads.

Too much friction creates noise which indicates that your brake pads are wearing off sooner than you know. For disc brakes, make it a routine to check for the hydraulic oil level. If the braking experience isn’t smooth, it’s time to have them checked.

You should not compromise on anything when it comes to your safety.

Juice Up The Battery!

The battery is what powers your electric bike. The performance of your bike is directly related to its battery health. Even though it requires low maintenance, you can’t neglect it completely. Batteries in electric bikes are designed to go on for several years without having to replace them.

However, improper and irregular charging habits might quickly drain out the battery, damaging it and reducing its battery life. It’s important to note that a battery is one of the most expensive components of an electric bike, therefore, a replacement can be costly.

Juice up your battery to the full whenever you have the chance to plug it, or at least recharge it after every ride. You don’t need to wait for the battery to completely discharge. Don’t expose the battery the extreme environmental conditions. 

Professionals suggest removing the battery from your electric bike and store it indoors under normal temperature during winter.

Take Care of The Electric Motor

The motor is the “driving” component of your electric bike. There is not much that you can do about it other than cleaning it regularly and looking out for any wear or tear. Keep the motor free from debris and lube it for a smoother experience.

It’s less likely that the motor will run into a problem, but if it does, it’s better to let the mechanic or the manufacturer itself figure it out.

Problematic motors are better off replaced rather than repaired when carrying out maintenance of your e-bike.

Keep That Chain Shining

Taking care of the chain in an electric bike is the same as what you would do with regular ones. Since electric bikes are heavier and faster, the drivetrain components bear the most wear and tear. You don’t want the chain to break up while you are out on a ride.

Chains are frequently exposed to dirt and debris, and if they are not cleaned and lubricated properly, they will rust very quickly, and you won’t be able to enjoy riding your bike. Therefore, you should pay attention to the condition of the chains when carrying out maintenance on your e-bike.

Scrub the dirt and grease off the chain once in a while and grease it up again. Be careful not to over-grease it because it will attract more dirt.

You can go over a thousand miles without having to worry about a broken chain.

Nuts and Bolts

Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of your electric bike. You have to make it a habit to go through the condition of nuts and bolts or anything that holds the bike together.

Take a good look at the frame and look out for loose bolts. If you find any, tighten it up. Both the mechanical and electrical components of the bike will last longer if they are kept intact to its frame.

It’s as simple as that.

And Everything Else

Apart from above-mentioned maintenance routine, you should look out for other items, like wirings, electrical parts, brake cables, speed sensors, display systems, and such. To get the best out of the sophisticated technology in electric bikes, make sure you have the latest firmware updates installed. 

Firmware updates are released by the manufacturers to enhance your riding experience with improved performance, battery optimization, and new functionality.

Whatever you do, don’t disassemble the battery and motor of your electric bike. Little knowledge can be dangerous, and in this case, you might end up with even more damage without any warranty to back you up.

When in doubt, refer to the user manual or get professional help from the authorized bike service center.

You Get What You Give

Think of it as the law of Karma. You get what you give. If you want to enjoy the speed and ease of an electric bike for the time to come, you have to take good care of it.

The good thing about maintaining your e-bike is that you can do it yourself at home with some basic tools. It is as simple as washing the bike regularly, applying lubricants, and components check including brakes, cables, battery, and chain.

Electric components like motors and batteries are designed to take care of themselves and they work great with minimal but routine maintenance. Take care of your electric bike today to save yourself time and money in repairing damages in the future. You will be less likely to run into mechanical problems with your electric bike.

So Here’s The Bottom Line

Maintaining your e-bike is easier than you think. There is no need to be overwhelmed by its technological sophistication.

It is not rocket science. It’s like watering the plants. Do routine checkups and take it to a professional bike shop for a thorough servicing every once in a while. That’s how you become a responsible owner of your electric bike. Keep your bike in great shape, and it will help you to stay in shape.

It works both ways.